Aneirin Jones
Aneirin JonesGraphic Designer & Photographer

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Aneirin Jones. I started freelancing as a graphic designer and photographer back in 2015 while I was between jobs. I found working for myself quite suited me. Since I frequently travelled between South Wales and London I managed to gain clients in both locations. I’ve since built up a portfolio of clients in regions along the M4 and rather than continue looking for a job I decided to expand my business on my own. I launched Aneirin Designs in 2016 and have been developing my business since.

On an individual level I would say I have quite a diverse skill set and to be honest I enjoy the variety in the work that I do. I’m a graphic designer but I’m also a photographer. While I don’t rest too much on any one discipline within those two fields the benefit this provides is that I can work with clients on a much broader level. I’m able to tie together a range of different services and work with the client on what works for their business more effectively than if I was to concentrate on a single discipline.

Aneirin Designs provides businesses with a quality service that competes with the offerings from creative agencies at a price that stays competitive with the freelance market. The services I offer include logo and branding, print design, web design, commercial photography, and wedding photography and stationery. My pricing is open and transparent and clients get frequent and open communication.

Whether you are looking for a graphic designer or photographer, the full list of my services can be found in the Services section. Alternatively you can view my business brochure for more details.

Yes! As of 2017 I now offer wedding photography and wedding stationery designs which are available to customers. The aim is to provide a similar one-stop shop, no hassle solution for their wedding. My wedding services cover everything from invites, menus and signs, to the actual photography on the day and the editing and wedding album afterwards.

In terms of wedding photography I’m available as either a primary or secondary photographer. So if you’ve already got a photographer for your wedding but you’d like a second to cover more shots, I can still help capture your day! Take a look at my wedding brochure for more details.

Great! You can get hold of me really easily. I try and reply to any enquiries as quickly as I can. If I’m not able to respond straight away I will usually get back to you within 24 hours. You can fill out my contact form on the contacts page, message me on Facebook, or give me a call on 07956 605880 if you prefer discussing your query over the phone.

Studio Service for Freelance Prices

“Aneirin Designs was created to be a one-stop-shop for businesses with the aim to provide a quality service that competes with creative agencies at a price that stays competitive with the freelance market”